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Posted on: 08/09/2017

Year 7s rise to the challenge


Morpeth School’s new Year 7 pupils marked their first few weeks at secondary school by successfully completing a number of team building activities designed to develop their problem-solving skills and their ability to work together.

Organised by Wise Up Team Building, a company specialising in educational activities, pupils spent an afternoon tackling a series of playground based challenges. These included:

  • Hover Ball – an exercise based on a basketball balanced on top of a flower pot with 12 ropes attached. Team members hold each rope taught, transporting the ball from one location to another, without dropping it. If one person slackens their rope, the ball will fall off the pot. 
  • Crazy Maze – Team members  work together manoeuvring a ball around a table top maze, avoiding strategically placed holes. Individuals need to talk to each other and to plan their approach, before starting the challenge.
  • Caterpillar Crawl – the whole team attempts to crawl into a canvass tube, without falling over.

Headteacher, Jemima Reilly said:

“Secondary school is a big step up from primary level for most Year 7s.

“They’ve reached the stage where they are expected to think and operate more independently. This requires developing problem-solving skills, the ability to plan and to communicate clearly.

“We’ve found these team building activities help to equip them with the skills they need in the classroom; and they’re also a brilliant, fun way of getting to know and bond with other pupils they’ve just recently met.”

Pupils will have other opportunities to develop their skills and abilities outside of the classroom through Morpeth’s Pledge scheme, a programme of activities encouraging Participation, Leadership, Excellence and Community Action.

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