Lead Teacher:  Laura Drakett

KS4 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities

GCSE Dance focuses on the aesthetic and artistic qualities of dance and the use of movement to express and communicate ideas and concepts through performance, choreography and critical appreciation.

You will experience performing in at least two different dance styles, learn the art of choreography and study professional dance works. This will both inform your creative work and contribute to the theory aspect of the course.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance

Written paper  - 20% of the total marks

You will answer questions on two professional works.

Unit 2: Set dance

Practical exam – 20% of the total marks

You will perform one solo contemporary dance of approximately 1-1½ min.

Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group dance related to a set professional work

Controlled assessment – 20% of the total marks.

You will perform in a dance; lasting 3-3½ min.


Unit 4: Choreography controlled assessment

Part 1 – you will learn 3 motifs/phrases that you then develop yourself into a solo performance (15% of the total marks)

Part 2 – you will choreograph a solo/duo or group dance from an idea/theme of your choice (25% of the total marks)

Examination Board: AQA

Important things to note if you choose this course

You should have a particular talent in dance and a keen interest in the performing arts. Previous dance experience would be of benefit as the course is designed to build on this. You should also be willing to approach the course with imaginative ideas and concepts to produce quality work independently. You need to be self-motivated and will be required to rehearse practical work in your own time, after school and/or lunch times.