Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department: Katie Jones (Acting)

Deputy Head of Department: David de Sousa (Acting)

Members of Department:

  • Maxine Louca
  • Petra Antonio
  • Asiya Ali
  • Maureen Oswald
  • Shameem Pavel

The Modern Foreign Languages Department consists of 8 members of teaching staff, and 3 foreign language assistants.  French or Spanish is taught to all Year 7 pupils for 2 sessions a week.  Those pupils who are very keen on languages may choose to study both French and Spanish in Year 8, and Bengali is also an option for Year 8 pupils.

The department occupies 6 rooms, 5 classrooms and one work room which is suitable for conversation classes with the language assistant.  Additionally, one of the classrooms is equipped with 30 network computer stations.  Each full-time teacher has their own classroom base, equipped with interactive whiteboard.

KS3 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities (Years 7-8)

  • Pupils study either French or Spanish (Y7)
  • Topics include: My Family, Where I live, My school, Leisure and free time, Holidays
  • In Y8, pupils can choose to study Bengali
  • Pupils who are particularly interested in learning languages can learn French and Spanish in Y8
  • Y7 pupils have the opportunity to spend a day in France in the summer term
  • Pupils in KS3 can take part in the annual Languages spelling bee

KS4 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities (Years 9-11)

  • Pupils can opt for Spanish, French or Bengali at GCSE
  • Once pupils have taken a language GCSE, they may keep this up in an after school club
  • French and Spanish GCSE pupils have the opportunity to spend a few days in either Paris or Barcelona

KS5 curriculum and enrichment opportunities (Years 12-13)

French A Level is currently offered at Morpeth, and we hope to offer Spanish in the near future

Other Important Information

We aim to offer pupils who speak other languages the opportunity to gain a GCSE qualification in that language. Pupils have taken GCSEs in Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Turkish and Chinese.