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Posted on: 06/02/2017

Pupils lead Holocaust memorial service

Pupils held a service of remembrance at the Alderney Road Cemetery in Stepney, East London, to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust from 1933-1945.

Also in attendance was their guest of honour, Holocaust survivor Eve Kugler.

The service was held to highlight the extent of the genocide and to remember the ordeal of those who survived.

It started with Year 12 student, Summer Lewis, reading her account of a visit to Auschwitz in September 2016. Year 7 pupils recounted Eve’s story. They highlighted the breaking up of her family and her subsequent journey of escape across Western Europe before being sent to New York.

Leading up to a minute silence, Eve read a Declaration of Remembrance:

“We are gathered here today to remember the scale of human suffering and loss endured during the era of the Holocaust, 1933-1945. We remember the millions of men, women and children who had their lives taken from them as a result of a brutal system of murder. We remember the communities they left behind and we remember an unparalleled level of human talent which was never allowed to shine. We remember today what happens when persecution goes unchecked and power becomes corrupt and absolute. We also remember those people who survived, people who had their entire lives uprooted and forever changed in the quest for survival. Ultimately, we remember the era of the Holocaust because we want to equip future generations with the knowledge necessary to prevent it ever happening again”.

Alderney Road Cemetery was used to bury notable Rabbis during the late 1690’s, and closed in 1852. It now operates as a private cemetery.