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Posted on: 21/01/2018

Getting busy with History

The History Department has been actively making history real for students by taking them to see battle grounds and ruins, hearing first-hand accounts from people affected by major events, and by encouraging pupils to use their imagination to recreate the past.

Activities include:

Best Castle

The annual Best Castle Competition organised by Ms Tottingham’s for Year 7’s, is currently underway. Imaginations have run wild with pupils building castles out of tooth picks, ice cream cones, cardboard and paper. They have been learning about the Battle of Hastings.

Appreciating Athens

Sixth formers studying Ancient History were taken to Athens for a close-up view of the Acropolis and Roman sites.

Understanding the Holocaust

GCSE students had the privilege of viewing the Holocaust exhibition and taking part in a discussion at the Imperial War Museum, to support their studies of Germany.


To deepen their understanding of the first World War, Year 8s were taken to the battle fields of Belgium. One of the pupils paid his respect to a fallen soldier connected to his family. Private Frank Sheard died on 28th August 1918, aged 21.