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Posted on: 12/03/2018

Triumphant Team Tycoon Turns a Tremendous profit

Team Tycoon from Morpeth Sixth Form, have won the award for Best Portfolio at the specialist banking and asset management group, Investec's, Invest for Success programme.

Team members, Furkan Karatas, Yunus Sagat, Naym Islam, Tahmim Hossain and Farhan Kashem, competed against seven other groups by investing £100,000 of virtual money into stocks and shares over six months and achieved an outstanding 38.5% return on their investment. The second best performing team achieved just a 12% return. 

The students said they were grateful for the incredible support and guidance received from Investec volunteers Alice and Gideon, and for the help of the programme organisers, Investec winnersArrival Education.