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Posted on: 10/07/2019

Summer Reading Challenge 2019

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge promises lots of prizes for pupils in Years 8 and 9, who read at least two books during the six-week holiday and complete four Response Projects.

Pupils can find ideas for books to read on Morpeth’s recommended reading list or the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service list

Suggestions for Response Projects include:

  • Making a new book jacket for one of the books you have read
  • Writing a letter to the author that shows your reaction to the book
  • Drawing or painting a portrait of a character
  • Creating a sculpture of a character

Project coordinator and English Teacher Mr Cannell, said: “We urge pupils to keep on reading throughout the Summer holiday. 

"Studies have suggested that the top 10% of students read for an average of 40 minutes per day and that students who read for around 25 minutes per day improve at twice the rate of those students reading below 5 minutes per day.

"More importantly it is an enjoyable and pleasurable way to relax and rest over the summer."

Full details of the Morpeth Summer Reading Challenge can be found here.