Student Leadership Team

“Young people should engage in decision making and support the community and the environment”

Department for Education

“Nowadays all the children behave like adults and all the adults behave like children”

Terry Waite

Student Leadership 

To ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard:

  • Elections will take place in tutor groups in September to appoint two tutor representatives : one boy and one girl.  (Reps need to be sure that they can represent their tutor group well.  They must also be a good role model in terms of behaviour and attitude around school.)
  • The sixteen representatives will form the ‘Year Leadership Team’ (YLT).
  • Elections will take place in the first YLT Meeting to decide which three members of the YLT will represent the year group on the full Student Leadership Team (StLT) which consists of fifteen people in total.

The cycle of meetings/consultations will then be as follows:

  • Tutor groups will discuss any issues that are affecting them regarding ‘learning and teaching’, ‘school environment’ or ‘student welfare’.  It is hoped that tutor reps will run these discussions with support from form tutors.  This will happen during the week prior to the YLT Meeting.  Heads of Year (HOYs) will remind you of this.
  • The tutor group should agree on one agenda item to take forward to the YLT.
  • The YLT will discuss the 8 agenda items that the reps bring to the meeting.  All year groups will have their YLT in the same week.  A chairperson and secretary will help run the meeting.  This will be facilitated by a member of the Year Team, ideally the HOY.
  • One item from the YLT will be agreed on to be taken to the full StLT meeting the following week.  Key roles will be organised for the StLT such as chairperson, secretary etc.
  • The chairperson will meet with Mr. Jones/Mr. Macdonald to discuss any action that needs to take place following the meeting.
  • Feedback from YLTs and StLT will be given by representatives during tutor time/assemblies