Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership at Morpeth 2017-18

Young people should engage in decision making and support the community and the environment”

Department for Education

To ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard, our student leadership team is comprised of two strands:

STAND 1: Formal representation

  • Elections take place in tutor groups in September to appoint two tutor representatives from years 7-13: one boy and one girl.  (Reps need to be sure that they can represent their tutor group well.  They must also be a good role model in terms of behaviour and attitude around school.)
  • The 21 representatives will form the ‘Year Leadership Team’ (YLT).
  • Tutor groups will discuss any issues that are affecting them regarding ‘learning and teaching’, ‘school environment’ or ‘student welfare’. A pro-forma to support the discussion is devised by a focus group from the elected team, and changed to meet shifting priorities throughout the year.  It is hoped that tutor reps will run these discussions with support from form tutors. 
  • The tutor group should agree on one agenda item to take forward to the YLT.
  • One item from the YLT will be agreed on to be taken to the full StLT meeting the following week.  Key roles will be organised for the StLT such as chairperson, secretary etc.
  • At the full Student Leadership Team meeting, all year groups will feed back. Only items that are agreed as priorities for everyone will be recorded and carried forward.
  • Items will be discussed by SLT and any possible actions fed back to the full team the following week. The full team will then be responsible for ‘cascading’ this feedback down to pupils via the YLT.

STAND 2: Wider pupil involvement

We would like all pupils to get involved in the running of the school outside of the structure of our more formal student leadership team body. To this end, all pupils can sign up to:

  • The Press Team: responsible for the production of the pupil produced newspaper
  • The Charities Team: responsible for managing requests for fundraising/non uniform days etc
  • The ‘Key Issues’ team: responsible for planning events of policy that affect all pupils (such as updating the Anti-bullying policy).
  • Clubs team: this is made up of primarily Year 12 and 13 students who run lunchtime clubs for any pupil in the lower years. The work of the teams is monitored by both Heads of Year and SLT.


This is an opportunity for pupils in Year 11 to apply to take on a range of responsibilities across the school. The Year 11 Senior is Morpeth’s version of the ‘prefect’ role seen in many schools across the country. For 2017-18, we have 64 Seniors enrolled on to the programme, and their responsibilities include:

  • Supporting parents’ evenings
  • Offering weekly support for Year 7 and 8 tutor groups
  • Running the Year 7 and 8 rewards system at break and lunchtimes
  • Playing a role in whole school events; interacting with visitors and parents
  • Being a positive role model for pupils across the school